Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Speccy Really Does Suck

As a purveyor of one of the finest hate blogs on the subject of Australian Rules Footballers, I'm frequently the subject of abuse and ridicule. That's okay; you shouldn't dish it out if you can't take it.

This is a space for those of you who are infuriated or offended by what I say yet can't seek redress through the other alternatives:
  • Post a comment on the article in question. Comments are open, and anonymous comments welcome. I have had several hundred comments in the past year, and have only deleted two due to concern about legal action (threats to kill and libel, respectively). In both cases, I indicated where the comment had been removed and provided my reasons. What could be fairer? I've left in abusive comments, threats, ramblings - even suggestions that my father abused me as a child. I've done my level best to provide a forum for frank exchange.

  • Buy me out. The Speccy is up for sale! Starting out at $1000$5000 Australian dollars, I've been accepting cash to continue or halt and remove the blog. Currently at $1005$5005, but further offers welcome.

  • Start a rival blog. Start one up about me, what a lazy tosser I am, how dumb I am, how hypocritical I am and how much money I've scammed from the public purse. I'll gladly link to it. Hell, I'll even let you post here. Just ask for a username via email and you can join the fray.

  • Stop reading. I know, sounds simple doesn't it? But you'll know that other people will keep on reading. Besides, how can you actively contribute to the hate frenzy if you can't read the blog. That's where this blog comes in. You can flame away without having to generate a single unique visit to The Speccy.

So, just because you're illiterate, unable to start a blog, poor or want to ensure you never visit The Speccy again doesn't mean you don't get to have your say.

Comments are open, and I'm happy to share guest blog accounts on demand.

Flame on!

*** UPDATE ***

I've updated the URLs and dollar amounts to reflect recent changes. Still no comments - are there no disgruntled apologists out there enraged by the constant criticism of their childhood heroes?